Howling to the Moon

Roleplay a dog or a wolf in a daily battle for territory and prey in the ruins of a city and the greenery of a forest.
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 Cerise - Mutt

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PostSubject: Cerise - Mutt   Tue May 21, 2013 5:31 pm

Name: Cerise (Moo)
Gender: Female
Dog/Wolf: Dog (1/2 Canadian Eskimo Dog, 1/2 Husky)
Age: 20 Moons
Affiliate: Loner

Creamy white fur, fluffy. Black spots. Somewhat resembles a panda bear. Bright blue eyes. A short, curled tail. Ears stand upright and are close to the head. Small, fox-ish snout with a black nose. Sometimes wears a red collar. In some areas of her fur during the summer, a slightly reddish/golden-cream tint can be seen. Large, husky-sized.

Cerise, or Moo, is a very patient creature. She's rather slow, and generally doesn't get the award for the best and brightest doggie out there. The best way to train her is through her stomach, and even then it may take a very long time. Once something is learned by Moo, it is never forgotten.
She has a big heart, and the best intentions, but is rather naive. This often leads her into situations that are very troublesome for her and those around her. She attempts to help everyone she comes across, and typically holds no bias. Essentially the middleman. She is strong enough to work for many hours, but her main interests are eating, sleeping, and exploring. She's very independent, or likes to believe she is.

Moo was born to her Canadian-Eskimo mother in Quebec. She was named Cerise (Cherry in French) due to the light red coloring of her fur, which quickly faded to white. Cerise, being the dim-witted pup she was, refused to listen to her family. Eventually, they gave her to their son, who'd just started a family of his own. His five-year old daughter began calling her Moo, apparently because she somewhat resembles a cow with her black-and-white spotting.
She was set to work as a sled-dog, shown the ropes by the elder dogs. Eventually though, the family decided to move down south, nearer an abandoned area. It was here that she began wandering off. Again the family moved, during one of her ventures, and she was left behind to fend for herself.

Roleplay Sample:

She whimpered softly, wiping a paw over her stinging nose. Thorns protruded from her muzzle; the result of prodding an unfriendly porcupine. She winced and looked up, the big full moon reflecting in her equally as big blue eyes. Moo's lips turned down a little; it was getting late, and so she should find some shelter before...

Her ears would have made a sharp slapping sound against her skull if not for the light, fluffy fur covering it. The wolves. Their howling, sorrowful singing bounced around her head. From the month or so that she'd been in the wild now, she'd learned that the feral creatures were not to be reckoned with. Especially on a full moon.
She jumped at another howl, beginning to slink away into the bushes. The thick, raised scars on her flank were covered by her fluff, but it still ached every now and again...

Cerise took off into a sprint, her padded feet near-silent against the ground as she ran along. Brambles snatched at her matted fur, but she didn't care. She just had to leave.
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Cerise - Mutt
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