Howling to the Moon

Roleplay a dog or a wolf in a daily battle for territory and prey in the ruins of a city and the greenery of a forest.
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 Dreaming about Daddy

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PostSubject: Dreaming about Daddy   Dreaming about Daddy Icon_minitimeThu Oct 13, 2011 9:08 am

OOC: Let's rewind a bit. This is before the Utilli got captured thing. I've had this idea stuck in my head for a while now so blarg.

He stands above the broken wolf that lays in the mud, snarling. Finally. All his life he was wanted to prove himself, show that he was loyal. His brother has had it easy in comparison to him. He does not look so similar to his father. The father that now is at his feet. This was it. He was getting rid of his bad name. So why wasn't he killing him? Where had all the hatred for the wolf that not only wasn't there, but made the rest of the Shen look at him with those distrustful eyes, that caused Izura to work him so hard, that caused everyone but Kadal to hate him. Kadal... Thoughts of his 'little' brother caused him anguish. He still loved him, and though it was true he resented him slightly for taking his place as Beta, he was proud of him. The once great Phantom raised his head, only to have it pushed back down by a paw.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now."
"I have none boy. But I don't need one. You aren't a cold-blooded killer. You aren't strong enough. Even if you kill me you will never be able to get them to appreciate you. As far as the rest of the forest is concerned, I was killed by Sombra in the Great Battle, right after I killed Cloud. They will never admire you." The young male snarls again at the mention of his mother.
"No lies. Just the truth you don't want to hear. They didn't want you then and they won't want you now. You'll die a loner, you'll die as an insignificant spec. Nobody shall remember you, nobody shall acknowledge you, nobody shall miss you."
"You.. Kadal. Kadal shall miss me. He is my brother. He loves me, as I love him."
"You think he cares? You betrayed the pack. If he is as much like his mother as I have heard then the pack will always come first. You betrayed him. You are no longer his brother." His head falls as he realizes the truth in his father's words. "But, if you let me teach you then I can make you great. I can teach you, much better than that fool Izura could." He raises his head again. Izura... Hadn't the blue wolf been his father's best friend? But he was intrigued. He didn't care how, he just wanted to be known, to be accepted. He wanted to lead. "I can make you live forever..."

Kestrel's eyes snapped open. He stood, all the anger and confusion from his dream still existing. After that he had spared his father's life, been taught in the ways of fighting like a true warrior. He had grown cold. As a final test, his father, who at that point was old, had pitted him against a bear. He'd won, then killed the Phantom. Simply to prove he was no longer the naive wolf he had been. He turned and glared at the night sky. "Are you proud? Are you proud of your son? I shall live forever! I have managed to do everything you failed!" I shall destroy the Shen simply to spite you father. I am better than you ever were. I am greater than you ever were. Nobody shall remember your name. The Phantom is fading, you're just a story for pups now. But I am real, and I don't plan on dying any time soon.
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Dreaming about Daddy
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