Howling to the Moon

Roleplay a dog or a wolf in a daily battle for territory and prey in the ruins of a city and the greenery of a forest.
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 A farther look into Misery's mind?

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PostSubject: A farther look into Misery's mind?   Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:25 pm

Misery was born on a cold october night. The thirteenth to be exact. Her brother was born dead. Her parents mourned pushing away their only duaghter. THey nursed her and that was all. SHe often left to look for somebody to save her from this place. SHe found a clearing full of sunflower's growing high into the sky. Their in the middle sat a tiny cat-like wolf. HEr tail tip on fire. Misery walked up to her. "What...are you?" SHe asked quietly scared out of her mind.
"Sachiriku...the masacre goddess," She said turning to her. Misery had been all white at the time. THe tiny little creature looked up at her and smiled hungerily at the innocent wolf. Sachiriku jumped phaseing into the wolf. Black grew on her tail like racoon stripes. HEr legs turning black. Her eyes turned cold. She fell on the ground. Her first nightmare.

"Mother!!!" Nobody answered in the black void. Dead wolves appered around her. Blood quickly batheing her drowning her. Screams rang in her ears of dyeing wolves. "HElp me!" SHe yelled out. No answer. Why? was her only tought. Somebody save me. SAchiriku appered before her standing on the ocean of bloos.

"Listen to me, and I can save you from your pittiful life. I can lead you tourgh a much more statisfying life. I'll save you!" Sachiriku disappered. THe dead bodies floated around Miery. What have I done, she tuoght. A tug at her hear and she awoke.

I'll always be here for you, a voice rang in her ears. It hurt so much. So much. She wanted to be saved. but the nightmares began driveing her insane. She wanted to see blood even awake. THe voice pounding in her head even hurt her. Grasping for a reailty she felt lost. Like she was watching the world go by not really part of it. She was growing up so fast. Years seemed to pass in only a day. HEr parents. She wanted them dead for pusing her away. Sachiriku had become like a mother to her. Her spirt caressing her in times of need. Blood, the metelic taste she knew so well was now in her mouth. Her mother...Her father lay dead at her feet. She spit. They disgusted her. Leaveingshe never once looked back. That's my baby girl, Sachiriku's voice smilied warmliy. Along the way Misery fouund packs. For blood she murdered many. The Alpha's went first. Leaveing pups was teh only thing she did. If thety couldn't survive on their own she left the mother be. The others would all die. She left. Covered in blood. It became a habit. Alpha's first, so the other's lay at her feet waiting to die. She found her way to the town. Fiding her way to Krestel, where she now resdies.
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A farther look into Misery's mind?
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