Howling to the Moon

Roleplay a dog or a wolf in a daily battle for territory and prey in the ruins of a city and the greenery of a forest.
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 Akuma-The Demon

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PostSubject: Akuma-The Demon   Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:46 am

Name: Akuma
Gender: Female
Dog/Wolf: Wolf
Age: 129 Moons
Affiliate: Daltori
Rank: Gamma


A large, shaggy white wolf with long-ish fur. Deep blue eyes.

Personality: Akuma isn't the type of wolf to be surprised easily, the kind of wolf that is avoided, and put in isolation. And she likes it that way. Will attack without warning, although she is a generally calm wolf. She believes that friends only hold you back, and then they betray you in the end, not trusting anybody. But if she ever makes a friend, she would gladly give her life in an instant to protect them, even if she won't admit it. Seemingly fearless, Akuma will take on a whole den of badgers in a heartbeat,just for the challenge. Has rapid mood-swings, though generally stays in a depressed, irritated state. She still mourns over the loss of her mate, Kraze, but takes good care of her children.

History: She was born to Flora and Sayo, two nomad wolves that traveled with a couple of other families, calling themselves a pack of wanderers. Flora gave her daughter the name of Akuma because she noted that her only child had a fiery spirit, and was much different than any wolf she'd ever met. One other wolf that lived with them became Akuma's best friend, named Tatsuko. Sayo was the leader, or alpha, of the tiny pack, so he was feared and respected by all the wolves there. One day Tatsuko spoke out against Sayo, and a fight broke out, Tatsuko killing Sayo and Flora in the process. Another wolf, named Konoga, fought Tatsuko and killed him, but later died of injuries. The pack disbanded, leaving Akuma to roam alone in bitter solitude. She eventually found WolfClan, a large pack nestled in the mountains, that lived beside six cat Clans. There, she fell in love with a handsome wolf, named Kraze. She became the enemy of one Gamma there, Duke, who attacked her three times in rage that she'd joined. In his third attempt, he pretended to be Tatsuko, Akuma's former best friend, and she was shocked with grief, and almost willingly let him kill her. Kraze and Dairo, however, saved her along with help from the medicine wolf. Later, after she'd nearly died in the third attack, he was demoted to Omega and he left the pack for good. Soon after, she became pregnant with Kraze's pups. This was not generally a happy occasion-the Clans were suffering from famine-and Kraze died of sickness one moons after. Akuma could not bear to see the Clan she loved be destroyed, so she left, finding the Daltori pack, which was far away. There she gave birth to four pups-Flash, Hrojo, Kobie, and Silence. She hated the fact that they never got ot see their father, and that they were hated for being outsiders.

Roleplay Sample:
Darn, darn, DARN! An angry hiss erupted from the lips of a pure white wolf, blue eyes flashing with irritation. Several scratches lined her muzzle, some fresh and brimming with blood. A few feathers muffled her growls, the soft brown-and-black plumage tickling her nose. She sneezed, scattering the feathers everywhere. Akuma glared after a retreating pheasant, angry that she'd missed, just barely clamping her teeth down on the edge of it's wing. It'd opened up the tiniest cut, leaving scarce few droplets of blood littering the ground from where it'd limped off after pecking her nose. Putting one paw over her throbbing nose, she stalked after it. "You stupid bird!" she snarled, whisking around a corner to find it looking at her, black eyes huge with fear. She leaped, pressing it's fat body to the ground with her paws while sharp teeth ripped at it's neck.
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PostSubject: Re: Akuma-The Demon   Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:26 pm

Y'know there are more things to be than a gamma? X3

Taiyo, alpha female of the Daltori pack
Citali, an oracular blind she-wolf allied with Gaoth
Blue, a young dog taken in by Kestrel
Uxinta, the god of winter
Tsuki, the Moonkeeper
Soluia, a Kesrel follower
Senka, Shadow's sister
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Akuma-The Demon
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